Designing with Texture

Close your eyes and run your fingers across a number of surfaces in a room. The mind becomes curious and intrigued. That is what texture does to a room.

Daniel Houk, Trapp & Co.


Designing with texture embraces all your senses! It provides depth and layers of light and shadow. Texture gives so much more than just the sense of touch—it provides energy and purpose.

Connie Fey, Madden-McFarland


I’ve always loved using different textures, especially on walls. A solid textured wallpaper with a metallic finish is a great look. Upholstering the walls with fabric has a wonderful effect, or paneling with leather can be very dramatic. Combinations of finish in the same color paint is an easy way to add texture to a wall. I like doing stripes and geometric patterns using flat and glossy finishes.

Alejandro Lopez, Alejandro Home Design


Using different textures in a space adds depth and dimension. I love to use velvets or mohair with wool and cotton for a rich look that reads well-curated. 

Sarah Noble, Noble Designs


Texture can add interest in a monochromatic room where you are not counting on color to provide contrast. Rough and coarse materials, in particular, have more weight than large scale patterns and provide a subtle richness.

Carmen Thomas, Tran + Thomas Design Studio

Get even more tips on designing with texture! Read Look and DO Touch by Patricia O’Dell Shackelford.





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