Geometric Patterns in Tile

“My client loved every shade of blue,” Moore says of a client’s recent bath design. “It will always invoke a feeling in the client, which is completely personal. I want them to love looking at it 10 years from now.”

Troy Moore, owner of Madi Mali Homes, shares his obsession

Next time you’re looking for a wall treatment that makes a statement, pass on the paint and wallpaper and gravitate toward something a little more… concrete.

“Geometric or patterned tile is an unexpected pop of pattern,” says Troy Moore, owner of Madi Mali Homes. “I believe it gives an Old World perspective reminiscent of hand-painted tiles long ago but with a modern twist.”

Crafted from porcelain, ceramic, natural stone or concrete, geometric tile adds visual interest and balance to any space. Before tiling all the way to the top, though, start small in a confined space, such as a powder room, kitchen backsplash, mud room or kid’s bathroom. It won’t disrupt the rest of the home and allows the space to take on its own identity.

Depending on how intricate the chosen pattern and the color scheme, size matters. A more complex pattern or one with multiple colors needs a bigger surface, while a simpler form will live large on a smaller tile. Lay the tiles next to each to get a feel for the overall look and pattern sequence.

But let’s not forget to share some of that love with your floor, too. Run geometric black and white tile across the entire kitchen or use your imagination, like Moore, and install large, multipatterned neutral tiles around a kitchen island to make it look like an area “rug.”

Though that project is a study in creative tile placement, he’s still waiting on his dream request: to tile a powder bath, the one room in the home where you can get a little crazy, he says. “Guests will love it, and I believe it’s the one room in the home that should stand out. Like me, it’s the black sheep of the family.”






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