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Everywhere I go in Kansas City, I see people wearing KC-themed apparel! I love that the t-shirt, baseball cap, hoodie & tote bag graphics have extended beyond sports and are now embodying an overall sense of KC pride. We’re proud of our city and proud to support all things local.

I recently found out about a brand new company with a t-shirt design that you’re bound to love. Below is a short interview I had with One Thread co-founder, Matt Loehrer.

Q: I love the name “One Thread!” Is there a story behind the name?

A: When Dan Christianson and I first met and talked about this project, certain themes kept coming up—community, family, things that bind people together—and from that, Dan suggested One Thread, and I thought it was great. Every garment starts with one thread, and there are common threads that connect us with the places and things we love and others who feel the same way.

Q: Why get into the t-shirt screen printing business?

A: Well, I’ve had my own design and illustration business for a long time—I’ve been wanting to get in to apparel for a while, I just didn’t have the production know-how. And Dan has worked in the apparel business for years and had tons of great ideas, he just needed someone who could make those ideas real. So when we were introduced, it was a total chocolate-meets-peanut butter moment, we immediately realized we could be successful and have fun doing this. The Royals gave us a great reason to dive in and do it, it’s been a convergence of a lot of great things happening at once.

Q: So what’s next for One Thread?

A: The Royals are keeping us busy (keep it up, boys!), but we have a series of college-themed items for ladies we will be kicking off soon. We have something for my fellow Cyclone basketball fans we think will be a hit. Beyond that, we just want to produce comfortable, quality stuff that connects people, brings them together. Everybody has a favorite shirt, right? Our goal is to be that favorite shirt for a lot of people.

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