Five Things to Know About Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

  1. It’s opening in KC very soon. The spectacular design duo’s high-end home furnishings store opens in Leawood’s Town Center Crossing in early June. Kansas City Spaces is thrilled to be sponsoring the store’s grand opening on Thursday, June 10. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served from 6-9 p.m. and country music star and founder of LIKEME Lighthouse, Chely Wright, will be the special guest.


  1. Yes, that sofa does look familiar. Even if you haven’t been to a MG+BW store or perused one of their catalogs, you might have seen some of their amazing furniture on TV. The furniture they designed for CBS’s “The Good Wife” proved so popular they created a collection based upon it. “We do work with a lot of set designers. Beth Kushnick from “The Good Wife” has used our furniture in other projects that she’s worked on and when it came to doing that show, she naturally came to us,” explains Bob Williams. “Then people on Twitter and Facebook started asking: ‘Where can I buy Will’s chair? Where can I buy Diane’s desk?’ so from that we said, well, we’ll start selling it.”




  1. They’re really digging that 70s vibe right now. “Our new Bastille birdcage chair is my favorite piece from our spring collection,” Williams says. “It’s especially nice with the wool pillows. It has an iconic feel from the 70s, which is a big influence for us right now. I also love our Melrose collection with the Lucite and stainless steel. It’s light and airy yet has a very elegant feel to it.”




  1. It’s made in the USA. The company’s factory in North Carolina produces 70 to 80 percent of the products you see in MG+BW stores. Both Gold and Williams have offices on-site, which allows them to be very hands-on with the production and quality assurance, but of course there’s another big advantage. “Bob and I are believers in lots of people prospering and doing well. That’s what builds a good economy, not just [the success of] a half of a percent or the one percent,” says Gold. “We want people in this community to thrive and do well. It’s healthy for our business, and we want other local communities to do well so they can afford to buy our product. It’s pretty exciting that Bob and I have a business where every day we’re basically responsible for keeping over 800 people employed. That’s what we see as our biggest responsibility, not how much money we’re going to make. If you keep people employed in good jobs, the money will follow.”




  1. They are as dedicated to social justice as they are to fine design. Williams and Gold devote significant energy, funds and gravitas to the causes they believe in, particularly equal rights for the LGBT community. “We believe that everybody should be comfortable, not just as in sitting on a sofa, but comfortable in their own skin,” Gold says. The two are friends with country music singer Chely Wright, founder of Kansas City’s LikeMe Lighthouse and the grand opening of the Leawood MG+BW signature store on April 30 will benefit that organization. LikeMe Lighthouse strives to provide a welcoming space, education and resources for LGBT individuals and their families, friends, and straight allies.




Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams  |  4563 W. 119th St.  |  Leawood, KS 66209





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